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According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress In America 2020 report, Americans are on the verge of a national mental health crisis as people experience increased stress from work, home and family, finances and economy, societal pressures and conflicts, and the current public health crisis. To manage stress, we need strategies to help us quiet the noise in our minds and treat ourselves with kindness so that we can be resilient and healthy people.

Tuning In is a FREE program that combines guided mindfulness practices with live music experiences to help participants be in the moment and be in the music. Join the Augusta Symphony’s music therapist and our select orchestral musicians to tune in to self-care and managing stress.

Fall 2023 Schedule for Tuning In

Mondays, September 25 – November 6 (no session October 9)
6:45PM – 7:30PM
Knox Music Institute at the Miller Theater

Registration is required and limited.

Each Tuning In session includes:


  • Basics of mindfulness — history, concepts, research findings, use in self-care.
  • Research on stress and how the body and mind respond to stress.
  • Strategies for being mindful through formal practice and in daily life.


  • Guided mindfulness practices to help focus on the here and now.
  • Live music experiences that support and expand the mindfulness practice.


  • Opportunity for participants to give feedback and ask questions.
  • Time to respond and reflect verbally or through art.
  • Facilitator and peer support for establishing a regular personal practice using mindfulness and music for stress management.

Tuning In sessions are free to the Central Savannah River Area community thanks to a generous grant from Publix Super Markets Charities. 

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