The Clyde Theatre and Quimby Village were featured by Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana in the 2015 My City Summit. The event began Wednesday July 29 2015 and ran until Saturday August 1. In addition, new details on the Clyde Theatre and Quimby Village were revealed during the My City Summit Symposium on Friday July 31.

The 2015 My City Summit “is designed to create a city experience for attendees; an opportunity to participate in the evolving culture and economic sustainability that is critical to attracting and retaining young talent in Fort Wayne. The Summit intends to drive awareness through engagement; to promote ownership, pride, and endorse diversity & inclusion in our community. Additionally, it is an opportunity to recognize those who have been drivers of evolution – committed to transformation and progressive social norms that move our community forward.”

YLNI decided to have a focus group and chose three projects that would be highly transformative for Fort Wayne and also to feature these projects at this year’s My City Summit. The Clyde Theatre was chosen for the “Large Charrette” as a game changer for the City of Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana.

“It’s an honor to be chosen in this grouping for the 2015 My City Summit. We look forward to the community relationships that this year’s event will develop, and encourage everyone in the community and the region to attend.” said Kinney, President of EKEP and manager of the Clyde.

The event spanned all over the city of Fort Wayne with events at focal City of Fort Wayne public venues such as Arts Lab, the Cinema Center, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Grand Wayne Convention Center and local businesses such as Pedal City Beer Garden, Pint & Slice and Prana Yoga.

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